Episode opens on Day 8, late at night. The women return to the boat very upset. Mandy is upset by the video clips, her anxiety gets Valerie's upset  about what footage of her Kaya might have seen, if  Kaya has seen her Jacuzzi jump, he might retaliate, she says. Shannon cautioned "what you learn out of context is only going to destroy you." Mandy fears she is about to throw away a year and a half of a relationship with Billy.
Returning to Captain Morgan's Retreat, Billy, Kaya, and Andy are concerned about the after-hours activities at their partners' resort. Kaya is still wondering about the hot tub sequences and Andy speculates that it probably "wasn't just Mr. Massage Rub a Dub Dub therapy guy doing that towel thing." Billy and Kaya agree that all the single guys did that. When they reach the bar, the guys find Megan and fill her in on their girlfriends. "They are definitely getting more wild," Kaya comments. He tells Megan that Andy's girl Shannon is "the instigator" of the hot tub high jinks at Mata Chica. In interview, Andy describes his reaction to seeing his girlfriend in the hot tub with a guy in her lap. "It reinforces the fact that she's going for it," he says. But he insists he will not pout about it, he will just roll with it and "if Shannon and my relationship goes upside down because of this, it's going to turn me upside down, but everything happens for a reason."


The sun rises at Mata Chica. Shannon, Mandy and Valerie meet Mark. It's time to send another single guy home today. This time each single guy is put on the hot seat. He must reveal which one he truly likes the most. The women are uncomfortable with what they are about to experience. Johnny says his favorite is Mandy because "she is so beautiful from head-to-toe and toe-to-head." Sean also picks Mandy. Jon likes Valerie's "hard exterior but the soft and warm interior." Jim likes Valerie and calls her a "babe." Then, Charlie, Dano, Matt, Evan, and Greg choose Shannon. Finally the very desirable Tom sits down. He is tongue-tied and choked up. After an awkward silence, Tom becomes emotional as he declares his affection for "beautiful" Shannon. Mandy is very upset by his comments. When he passes the other singles on the dock they are curious to know who he picked and very happy that he finally revealed his attraction to Shannon. After a short debate this time, Valerie is sent to hang the banishment idol around Sean's neck. She explains that Sean's arrogance really has turned her off. Sean says that Valerie's aura is bad, that she is useless, he doesn't know why she is here, and he wanted to leave anyway.


At the men's resort Mark sits with Kaya, Billy and Andy. He informs them that once again, they must vote off a single lady. This time, each lady has to declare her "favorite" of the coupled guys, which means they will also discover who doesn't like them. Elizabeth picks Billy for giving "the best amateur striptease I've ever seen in my whole life." Lisa also picks Billy. When the very desirable Megan sits down, she confuses the guys a lot. She addresses Andy, saying that they got off to a rocky start, "but I appreciate the heart you showed." Then she leaves. After she walks away, Billy asks the guys to confer on who got that vote. Kaya noticed she was noncommittal, and Andy agrees. Vanessa likes Billy "because of the way you make me feel." Next LaWonna picks Kaya, because "he is in this world, but not of this world." Patti picks Kaya. Britt and Venus pick Billy. When Alison sits down, she says boldly, "Kaya it's you because I sense a mutual attraction." Andy states the obvious to his buddies. He's getting killed. But Carla represents his last hope; "I can always count on my strong-hold Pinky." She stretches out her block bracelet and says, "Really sucks that I have to wear this 'cuz Billy you're my favorite!" In high contrast to his popular girlfriend Shannon, Andy gets zero votes. He wants to send all the girls home. After the guys huddle, Kaya is sent to hang the banishment idol around Patti's neck. He explains that it was very difficult because Patti had made an effort to get close to him. In a flashback moment, Patti massages Kaya's neck. He reveals he shut her down a few times. Billy says that she used "strong arm tactics" to try and go out on dates. After the vote-off, Andy sulks at the bar. Carla approaches him to apologize for not picking him. Andy tries to explain that the question wasn't about whom she was most attracted to, but who was her buddy. Carla tries to convince him that after she said Billy she regretted it, and she misuderstood the question. She hugs Andy. However, when Andy is out of hearing range she shrugs and says, "He's so not my favorite I just don't know what to do about it." Andy says that he did not show up to win a popularity contest, but just to have a good time.


Dusk turns to night. Mark arrives at the bar to moderate the DayLong Date Selection. Before the guys pick the singles they want to date in round four, he delivers the news that the dating blocks are off. The guys draw straws to determine the date four picks. Kaya draws the shortest straw, so he will go last. Mark reminds the fellows that if there is somebody that they haven't dated yet that they want to consider for the final date, now is the time to pick that lady. First up, Andy immediately takes advantage of the removed blocks and picks "a new flavor" Elizabeth . Billy picks Vanessa again, revealing in interview that he has not been affectionate with her yet, "but natural progression would make you turn more affectionate over time." Last, Kaya is still deciding. He describes the moment as an uncomfortable decision, but he wants to go with Megan. Andy is is very upset at his decision . Kaya says that even though Andy "in some ways fell in love with Megan," he ignored accountability to his buddy and "went for it."


Mark arrives at the women's resort in the midst of a theatrical "tribal dance" that the single guys are performing for them. Wearing tribal paint on their faces they dance around the girls' lounge chairs. In the end, they pull the girls into a circle and dance around a volcano made of sand. Mark takes the women aside. He needs to know their choices for their DayLong Date tomorrow. Before they choose, he reminds them that this date is very important, because when the time comes for the final intimate date, they must choose someone they have already dated. Like their partners on the other side of the island, this is a sticky decision for the women. They all want to date Tom. Unfortunately Shannon draws the shortest straw, so she must go last. Up first, Mandy picks Matt. Next, Valerie picks Evan and Shannon wins Tom. In her interview, Valerie explains there is "definitely something between Tom and Shannon." Flashback highlights reveal Tom and Shannon flirting and hugging during after-hours mingling at Mata Chica. This is why Valerie ultimately did not want to go out with Tom.


Billy and Venessa

Billy and Vanessa take an excursion to the Mayan ruins. When they stop at a trinket stand, she buys him a heart necklace, "which is like a piece saying from my heart to your heart, you're a great person." Vanessa discovers more layers to Billy that further her attraction to him. When they arrive at a butterfly sanctuary, Vanessa does a sensual dance with a giant butterfly, which draws Billy's attention to the curves of her body. Then she places it on Billy's stomach to tease him. In interview, Billy reveals that Vanessa told him she is willing to do anything he wants. Billy struggles with the notion, "Should I? Maybe I'd like to. I don't know."


Mandy And Matt

Mandy and Matt take a speedboat to a snorkeling locale filled with nurse sharks. Matt's humor and easygoing style is exactly what Mandy needed in the midst of her rocky status with Billy.


Andy and Elizabeth

Andy and Elizabeth go horseback riding for the day. In his interview, Andy reveals that he and Elizabeth are physically attracted to each other. Their date goes so well that Elizabeth feels compelled to reveal their inside joke. Andy has entertained the thought that if Shannon gets wind of his attraction to Elizabeth, she might be so upset that he would have to relocate and open his kayaking business in Belize. And Elizabeth told him she would accompany him "so this dream would never have to end." On the plane ride home, Andy reveals he's had a great time with Elizabeth, but he actually has Megan in mind for his final intimate date.  Andy reveals he has caught wind of Tom and Shannon's mutual attraction. The anxiety over possibly losing Shannon nearly brings him to tears.


Shannon And Tom

Tom and Shannon go cave tubing. During the cave exploration, Shannon reveals that she is feeling "butterflies" for Tom. But by the end of the date things heat up. While visiting a gift shop in San Pedro Town, Tom buys Shannon a special necklace. Her romantic experience with Tom causes an internal dilemma. Part of her does not want to rock the boat with Andy, the other half wants to explore these new sensations with Tom.


Kaya and Megan

Kaya and Megan went scuba diving and held hands underwater. They seemed to share intimate conversations and touching. Megan feels a real connection to Kaya that could spark romance. All of the sudden day turns to night and we can see them sitting on a dock and kissing, they both say that this could be trouble. On the boat ride back to CMR, Kaya and Megan admit they feel vulnerable and they anticipate the repercussions.


Valeire and Evan

Evan and Valerie went to the Altun Ha Mayan Ruins. Valerie endures another lackluster date. Hiking through the Mayan ruins, she describes Evan as a laid-back and genuinely good guy. But she has finally reached the point where she "can't fake it" anymore. She wants to be doing these adventures with Kaya


After The Dates

Megan finds Andy and tells him the truth about her date with Kaya. Emotions run high. Megan and Andy are both upset. Andy shows up in Billy and Kaya's cabana. He tears into Kaya . Andy, seemingly forgetting he is in a committed relationship with Shannon, yells "Oh my God, you should have come and told me. When were...were you going to come and tell me before I essentially picked her tomorrow? Kaya says " I look like a jackass,  and Megan looks like a whore." Finally Kaya had to bring Andy back to reality and explain that there is nothing personal in what happened between him and Megan. He reminded Andy that he was in a relationship with someone else and that it's not like he's taking away his girlfriend, and this personal journey dictates, "I had to be true to myself first."


Mark arrives at Mata Chica during dinner with the single guys. He informs the women that the next day they will have to pick the single guy they want to take on their final dream date. The bad news is that they will have to send the rest of the single men packing, so this will be the final night for them to be together. The ladies joke around asking if they could have 2 each not just one. Raging final dance party at Mata Chica plays out with the coupled women and single men all celebrating their last night together. Although the night is spirited, lighthearted, and fun for the most part, there are a lot of questions about who will take whom for the final dream date. Mandy and Shannon are nervous about having to narrow the focus down to one


Mark arrives at CMR during a late night swimming party to deliver the same news about the picking of the final dream dates tomorrow and the single returning home. This is both camps' last night to party with the singles Kaya is in turmoil over whom to pick for the final date. While he can see himself with Megan again, he knows that Alison will be upset because she is expecting him to ask her. Megan reveals that she and Andy had a previous agreement to go on the final date together, but in light of what's happened with Kaya, the situation is extremely awkward. Billy describes finishing out these last days as extremely difficult. He is anxious about this possible scenario in which he might hook up, and Mandy might not.


Billy and Kaya walk along the sand, trying to have a private talk about Billy's many concerns. While he feels self-imposed pressure to get intimate with Vanessa, he knows that Mandy will not handle it well even if she is doing the same thing on the other side with one of the singles. His conflict over his devotion to Mandy and his guilty desire for Vanessa finally erupts in anger. Billy lashes out at the camera crew because the "process" is "killing" him. he gets very irritable at the cameras following him and asks them to leave him alone with his thoughts for a few minutes. When they don't he yells at them to turn the cameras off, this is not the show, this is his life. The cameraman informs him that right now his life is the show.


Morning gives way to a new day, but the tension has carried over. At breakfast Billy and Kaya anticipate the next two days. Billy fears the 48-hour countdown until they are reunited with their girlfriends. And he knows, "That's when all the explaining is going to happen. Probably an explosion of emotion." Kaya wonders where Andy could be. Since Andy is kayaking with Megan, Kaya has not had a chance to discuss his decision with Megan at all. Mark joins the coupled men on the beach for the "Final Date Selection." All the single ladies line up on the shore. Kaya's three dates step forward - Alison, LaWonna, and Megan. However in a strange turn of events, he does not pick Megan. Kaya chooses Alison, revealing that he was thinking about her even during his other dates. Carla, Megan, Venus and Elizabeth step forward for Andy. He picks Elizabeth because she is most likely to fulfill his physical desire. He explains, "Megan touched me on an emotional level and Elizabeth touched me on a physical level and that was a real factor in why I chose Elizabeth as opposed to Megan." Finally, Billy's three dates step forward - Lisa, Megan, and Vanessa. Of course, Billy picks Vanessa. Megan has been dealt a shocking shut out . In her final interview, she is asked what she would have done if all three guys had picked her. She insists that would never happen because she "knew them too well…everything about them." But if it had been her choice, she could have gone only with Kaya. With that confession, it is too painful to continue her interview. Megan begins to cry. Mark explains that the final date will be a dream date, beautiful and spectacular.


Next, Mark travels to the coupled women's resort to find out whom each one of them will choose for their final dream dates. As Mandy, Shannon, and Valerie face Mark, he announces that Mandy has a special request to alter the rules. Mandy wants permission to include among her possible candidates all three guys from the Triple Date with Jon, Tom, and Dano "since we were all kind of dating each other's dates anyway." Valerie and Shannon are okay with it. After it is sorted through, the single men line up on the shore. Shannon goes first. Her four candidates step forward - Charlie, Matt, Tom, and Dano. She is ready to announce her dream date…